Protecting Our Communities 

A major priority of a McDermott administration will be the ensuring our Commonwealth is protected. In our uncertain and volatile world, we need a leader who has worked alongside police and fire and will hear the needs of first responders. Pat’s plan calls for a percentage of direct local aid to be earmarked for emergency services such as police & fire.


It’s Time to Get Serious About Drugs 

Pat has been on the forefront of the opioid epidemic for nearly a decade. Pat led an interagency task force and enforced actions to help fight overdoses and addiction in Norfolk County. We can spare no expense in a fight with addiction, and Pat has stood as a leader in new and innovative ideas to combat it.


Restructuring our Infrastructure 

For a state that leads the nation in so much else, our Commonwealth suffers from terrible road and bridge repair. Over the past year, 446 bridges were found structurally deficient – or 8.6% of all bridges in the state. Some of those bridges hold up I-93, I-95, I-90, and other critical highways. We cannot wait for the tragedy of a bridge collapse before acting. Pat would work with the Department of Transportation, local unions, and town officials to make our roads safe again.