Building a 21st Century Powerhouse 

Massachusetts has an incredible opportunity with its physical and intellectual capital to capture the next wave of American energy. We must be willing to find solutions and test theories towards a safer and more secure energy future. Things like investing in our electric grid both make us greener and make us safer; a rare win-win.


Sustainability as a Belief 

Pat’s belief in sustainability goes back to his Catholic roots and his Jesuit education. We only have one planet, and we are tasked with caring for it and beautifying it for future generations. Pat’s proposal calls for a green tech investment fund built from new construction and corporate tax deductions. Only together can our community preserve itself.


You Choose Your Energy 

By improving our energy infrastructure in the ways described above, we can begin to attract new companies and market options to our state. Consumers win when multiple energy companies compete for their service, and Massachusetts is poised to take advantage.

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