We Make Government Better by Running Each Office Better 

Pat has run a government agency. He has seen when government runs well and when it does not: the difference is the leadership. As Register of Probate, Pat’s court handled nearly 7,000 cases a year without creating a backlog. Our government needs a manager who can streamline the bureaucracy and produce results.


Good Government Serves You 

When he first came to the Family and Probate Court, Pat revamped the office to be more user-friendly. He instituted walk-in hours for constituents, the Lawyer for a Day program for those seeking legal advice, and a training series that taught court workers conflict mediation. Pat puts the public first, just as any good leader does.


Time to Cut the Waste 

As someone who has overseen a government budgets on the municipal and state level, Pat knows that it takes a keen eye and a sharp pencil to find the savings. Yet there are instances of fraud and abuse that must be rooted out. Pat is not afraid to give the budget a close shave, and ensure there is no waste in the Commonwealth’s drive to success.