Every Child Deserves a Head Start

The science is clear: several studies, including one at our own MIT, found that every single dollar spent on early education produces thirteen dollars in societal benefits down the line. It’s not only the smartest investment we can make, it’s the most important. Pat is committed to quality pre-K available in every part of the Commonwealth.


Teaching Our Next Generation 

We cannot build the next generation economy without educating the next generation to be prepared for it. The Department of Education listed 73 schools as underperforming last year. That is tens of thousands of students whose only mistake is the bus they take. Pat’s proposal will set a strict mandate for underperforming schools while beefing up state investment to turn them around.


Let’s Make College Affordable 

As the hub of higher education, Massachusetts should take the lead in putting students to work in the professions they are so passionate about. Pat’s plan is to create competitive job training programs at every single public college and university. These programs will team students with Massachusetts employers, jump starting on our economy on both ends.