All Families Budget. Our Government Should Too.

Good government is built on fairness. When you entrust your tax dollar to the Commonwealth, you should see that value come back to you in the form of good roads and efficient services. Pat has always been a good financial steward as Register of Probate, bringing his office expenses in on or under budget fourteen years in a row.


Job Creation Begins With Us.

Many politicians like to talk about job creation in the abstract. But for families and individuals struggling with unemployment or underemployment, talking is not enough. We need concrete solutions, and that starts with the right education. Pat’s plan to create competitive training programs at Massachusetts public universities will give jobseekers the update to their resume that will get them to work faster.


A Dollar Invested Today Is Ten Dollars Saved Tomorrow.

While keeping budgets lean is always Pat’s priority, he also knows a good deal when he sees one. Today’s leaders too often cut the services of today without considering the impact of tomorrow. A smart budget makes key investments in the future, ultimately saving the Commonwealth money. Pat’s budgets clearly outline not only what we’re spending, but why we’re spending it.